Personal Scents

The healing properties of Essential Oils are capable of not only treating our physical bodies, they are renowned for enhancing our state of mind as well. Drop in or call us to discover which oils and combinations are right for you.

Aroma Lamps purify the air by destroying odors and air borne bacteria. They increase oxygen levels in the air. The fuels contain essential oils that are made from natural botanical extracts. These oils perfume the air and provide aromatherapy, as well as having insect repelling properties.

Instead of a flame, our Fragrance Lamps use a form of catalytic combustion to move large volumes of air through the lamp's heat chamber. When lit, heat rises rapidly from the lamp's catalytic filter.

The heat mixes with cooler air, creates a continuous flow of air through the combustion chamber, a process known as catalytic conversion.

Airborne molecules that cause odors are filtered through the lamp and converted into oxygen.

While this is happening, the lamp emits a light and delightful fragrance. An entire room or house is deodorized and scented in just a few minutes, and the fragrance lasts for hours.

Our Fragrance Refill fuels come in a variety of floral, fruit, spice, confection and exotic scents or a fragrance created by you. These fuels are alcohol based, therefore regular petroleum based lamp fuels cannot be used.

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